Friday, April 26, 2013

Review: The Swamp Creature
Welcome back readers to my first review! Today I will be reviewing Lego Monster Fighters: The Swamp Creature. So now onto the review.
    The Instructions   

The instructions came folded in the box, (no cardboard and only $6.99.) The instructions were, as always, easy to follow. I noticed no mistakes in my booklet, which gives them a solid 4/5.
 The Build
The build was fun and easy giving the build another 4/5
The parts are pretty decent for a small set (brown spear, the moonstone, silver 1x2 grill tiles, fish, frog, etc.) Overall I give the parts a 5/5.
The Minifigures
Frank rock is excellent! From the Elvis-styled hair all the way down to his printed legs, I easily give him a 5/5. The Swamp Creature is equally excellent, also earning a 5/5. I'll let you examine them for yourself in the picture.

    The Swamp Boat
The swamp boat is easily one of my favorite components of the set, which is pretty amazing since the whole set is excellent. The boat is easily MOCable as a standard swamp boat if you remove the flick missiles. My only con is that the propeller in the back touches the ground. Overall, even with the one complaint it very easily earns a 5/5.

   The Swamp
The swamp is not as good as the swamp boat, but is still great. It also features a lot of the notable parts. With the frog, fish and seaweed. Overall it earns a 4/5                    

The Completed Set
The completed set has a lot to it for only $6.99. Overall with the excellent parts, over the top minifigures and awesome mini builds the set deserves an excellent 5/5.  
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  1. Great blog, great ideas, great pictures, great insight!!!

  2. Nice pictures coson. What are you going to review next?

  3. Great post! I'd be a bit disappointed with the swamp, too. I really love your pictures, and your writing flows so well. Keep up the great work, Coson!